RealMeteo Instructions



The first time you use RealMeteo, it automatically starts loading 4 DEMO images, in order to test the installation and connection.
Once this has been verified, the user must proceed with the activation, in order to be able to view the images in real time.
To activate RealMeteo, click on SETUP (located on the bottom left).



The Activation TAB opens where you need to enter the email address where you want to receive the activation code.
Also check the box for accepting privacy and then SUBMIT.


In a few seconds you will receive an email with the activation code.


Enter the activation code in the form.


We recommend using copy-paste directly from the email, to avoid errors.


Make a note of the folder where the activation code is saved for future use. It is always possible to request the code again by recompiling the form (by clicking the "Activation Code" icon).


Open the IMAGE SELECTION TAB, and select the ones we wish to include in the slide show.


Clicking on the description we see a preview of the image, even before selecting it.


To create a new set of images, we can use DESELECT ALL IMAGES and then start the selection from scratch.


NOTE : there are some images that seem identical, but are referred to different days or to a different filter mode (IR, IR RGB etc etc) ...


... i.e. the the Pacific Ocean one ...


Once the selection is complete, open the START TERMINAL TAB (tip C), and then click on the START PROJECTION icon (tip D)


When uploading images we will see (top left) a small preview of the photos during their upload...


Once the upload is complete, the projection of the selected images starts automatically.


It is advisable to set the Windows taskbar so that it hides automatically and does not cover the RealMeteo information bar. To get this click on it with the right button, and check HIDE AUTOMATICALLY.


These are three slides referring to three consecutive days ...... Thursday 20 ...


... Friday 21 ...


... Saturday 22


It is possible to add up to 9 owner images of our company to the sequence of weather images to create a weather point that also advertises ourselves. To do this reopen the SETUP and select the IMAGE SELECTION TAB and then the PERSONAL IMAGE icon.


Owner pictures must be copied by us to the indicated folder, using file manager. /h6>


For optimal viewing it is recommended to use horizontal images, with the same resolution as our screen (example 1600x900 pixels).


If we need of different image sequences (Collection), we can save the current configuration with the SAVE COLLECTION icon, so that we can restore it later. The loaded collections add images to the already selected, then to create a totally new collection you first need to DESELECT ALL THE IMAGES with the appropriate icon.


When you save the COLLECTION the window shows us in which folder the file is stored, what? an editable XML file.


In this example, a non-proportional image with the resolution of the video was used, and there are two black bands on the sides.


This is the folder that contains 8 Owner Pictures.


When the sequence has been set and tested, we can program the automatic start of RealMeteo. In this way, in the event of a blackout you will get an automatic reset of the RealMeteo projection. Copy the shortcut to RealMeteo present on the desktop ...


.. Search for the "automatic start" folder.


...Paste the copied link first.


Repeat the operation in "programs-> Automatic execution".


If you want to change the persistence time of each slide, open SETUP, click on the Display-Timers TAB and set the desired time.


If you want to change the time between one download and the next, set the new value in minutes.

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