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Automated browser for MS Windows, creates an information point that does not require management, available to the public and operators, which continuously projects updated images from weather satellites and sites dedicated to weather forecasts

What is RealMeteo

RealMeteo is an automated browser for Windows, suitable for creating an informative weather point, which displays weather forecasts and satellite and meteorological photos. It is possible add up 10 personal photos into the weather slide show, to create a high-impact advertising media.

Who use RealMeteo

RealMeteo is a totally automatic software, very useful in Hotels, Shopping Centers, Hotels, Mountain Refuges, Highways, Ski Facilities, Mountain Communities, Ports, Heliports, Airports, Agricultural Centers etc. etc.

Is another weather forecast?

No, RealMeteo loads the satellite photos that you want to display, and the weather maps, downloading them from various websites, and then display them automatically. The important prerogative consists in the fact that it is totally automatic. Only an initial setting is required for the selection of the maps to be projected.

RealMeteo briefly
Would you like to equip your business with a monitor that displays the weather images transmitted by the main satellites, constantly updated? RealMeteo is the ideal solution for hotels, shopping centers, hotels, stations, airports, mountain refuges and ports. Try it for FREE.
RealMeteo is an automated browser, of the same type as internet explorer, but unlike this, it connects to the internet with the preset interval, downloads the updated weather images and continues the slide show with the new images.

No manual operations are required.
All the work will be done automatically (without the need for any intervention by an operator) by the RealMeteo program, which will connect to the internet at the scheduled times, download the images you want, disconnect from the line (to reduce connection costs to a minimum) , and project them with a timed and programmable automatic slide show

The settings
It is sufficient to select once and for all, which images, regions or satellites interest us in the list of very many available, set how often we want to update the images, and how much time must pass between one photo and the next.

How many times are the photos updated?
The images will be updated at intervals that you decide yourself, based on your needs. Set the minites from one update and the next, in order to also plan the expense if a particularly expensive connection is used.

Does it work only when it's connected to the internet?
The projection of the images (SLIDE SHOW), takes place automatically, even during the pauses between an update and the next. There is also the possibility to insert up to 10 personal images, which will be interspersed with the other images. You have thus created a new and particularly attractive media, due to the information of general utility that it offers to the public.

How much

The cost of the license depends on its use


Personal and hobby use

The license for personal and hobby use is free, but the display must not be displayed to the public.


No-profit and public bodies

The license for NO-PROFIT organizations and public bodies is free (for example Municipalities, Regions, CRI, Civil Protection, Fire Brigade, etc.)


Professional use

The license for professional use, for example Camping, Hotels, Hotels, Motels, Highways, Airports, is subject to charges. The annual cost is modest, and some free licenses are available, granted at our discretion. MORE INFORMATION


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